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Renovo is a 20-minute podcast with a single goal: finding the miraculous in the mundane. Started in 2016 and hosted by Doug Tooke, Renovo digs deep into ideas of Catholic teaching and tradition with both clarity and consistency. Covering everything from pews to Relativism, Renovo acts as an engaging source of formation for Catholics who are four rows back and three seats in on any given Sunday.

Two Minute Takes

As heard on Sirius XM Ch. 129! Two Minute Takes is a bite-sized, 90 second (less than 2 minutes!) podcast from ODB Films entirely based around what ODB Films knows best--films! Two Minute Takes unpacks the qualities of recent releases, then uses these qualities to illustrate a specific Catholic teaching found within the plot or character development in the film. Two Minute Takes' soundbite-like style makes it the perfect show for radio filler or social media content!

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