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ODB Films is a Catholic ministry that fosters an encounter with Christ through artfully made, spiritually rich films.

Short Films for young Catholics.


Feature Films for the family.


Direct Ministry events for groups.


ODB Films is award-winning.

Over the years, our films have won numerous recognitions. Our 2016 feature film, Full of Grace, recently brought home several awards including:

ODB Films is outside the box.

We know what matters most to our partners. So we’re thinking outside the box and breaking it down, making content available when you need it most - like right now. Whether at home, in front of a small group, or projected to a crowd of excited viewers, you can stream, download, and watch ODB Films.

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ODB Films is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry

*Outside da Box NFP, d/b/a ODB Films does not accept any unsolicited submissions of ideas, treatments, proposals, concepts, scripts or other materials. Please do not submit any such materials to ODB Films. If you submit such materials to ODB Films through this website or otherwise, they will be deleted or discarded. Thank you.

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